Burglar Alarm Systems

The best way to deter or detect unwanted intruders into your home or business is to install an intruder/burglar alarm system. At The Wright Security we can design and tailor a system that when installed, will suit your individual needs.

Alarm systems consist of infra red sensors, door contacts and vibration sensors all connected to a main control panel and controlled by a keypad or fob.

Alarm systems can be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance, fire alarm systems, door entry systems and multi-zoned systems.

Standard Alarms

Wired systems comprising of motion sensors, door contacts and sirens.

Wireless Alarms

An alternative and excellent system of installing an alarm which avoids disruption to any home or building.

Panic Alarms

Used to alert others to intruders or visitors.


Use the alarm to contact you when activated by using text, phone call or alternatively a manned 24 hour monitoring station.

Auxiliary Signalling

This can be used to monitor the condition of vital appliances and alerting you to problems such as loss of power. This function can also be used to remotely control equipment around the home or work place.

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  • Wired or wireless
  • 24 hour support
24 month guarantee on all new equipment and workmanship
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